InnOVATION Arts Academy 

COVID-19 Updates

Happy NEW YEAR 2021!  InnOVATION Arts Academy Welcomes You!

The old year is out and the new year is in, with hope for the performing arts and live performance winking like the sun on the horizon.  This is the updates and information page for all things related to COVID-19.  It's time for a spring update!  We had an amazing summer, full of short-term online classes, and a big, super-cool project for middle and high schoolers.  We rehearsed (online and in-person) and filmed a WHOLE MUSICAL, using social distancing and other techniques to "make it work" for Heathers High School Musical.  The filmed performance of Heathers High School premiered at the Kentucky Theatre on August 17th, 2020.  

In the fall, we offered online dance classes on Mondays, in-person classes on Saturdays, and produced our first ZOOMSICAL - The Big 1-0!  Our students also contributed their singing and dancing talents to create Christmas performances which we have shared on our YouTube channel.  We released our hopes and dreams and watched our live butterflies sail to the sky, carrying our wishes on their wings.  We also brought Christmas hugs and cheer to our penpals at The Willows Retirement village, and our student's submitted individual videos to add to our group performances for a 30-minute Christmas concert that was streamed there.

We have all learned so much from our 2020 experiences and we are ready for more adventures in the spring of 2021.  We will offer three types of venues for learning at InnOVATION this fall:  ONLINE ONLY,  IN-PERSON and HYBRID.  

For ONLINE CLASSES:  Monday dance classes are online only, and full of action-packed adventures with Miss Stephanie.  


For IN-PERSON CLASSES and PRODUCTIONS:  We are hoping, wishing and planning to move to a larger studio in the new year.  Stay tuned for more information.  No matter where the classes are held, the studio will always be equipped with gloves, face shields, face masks, and hand sanitizer.  We will tape out spots, disinfect before and after classes, and students will wear masks at all times.  At the discretion of the program director, classes my go online temporarily if it is in the best interest of the students and teachers.  We are hoping and praying that it will be possible to offer live performances of Matilda and Matilda Jr in late May of 2021.

For our HYBRID PRODUCTION:   For The Little Mermaid Jr, which will rehearse from late January to March, we plan to rehearse with a combination of online and in person techniques and to employ some very creative strategies to bring this production to life!  This production will be filmed and shown as a movie in lieu of a live performance.

With all its twists and turns, the school year of 2020 and 2021 should hold some very interesting adventures.  This is our time to be creative and to enjoy the arts on our terms.  We will continue to make musical theatre magic happen, whether from our living rooms, or with our masks and Lysol ready!  Whether you join us online, in-person, or a combination of both, I am committed to ensuring your student learns and grows with us while keeping them healthy and safe.  As always, InnOVATION will continue making musical theatre magic with the help of our supportive teachers, students and parents. Thank you for believing in our dream to keep long-term training moving forward for our program students, reaching out to students in Lexington and surrounding counties.  

For in-person classes, we are following Governor Andy Beshear's Guidelines for Childcare and Guidelines for Youth Sports to ensure the safety of our students.  Here are some examples of precautions taken when offering in-person classes to students:

- students to wear face mask during classes and/or to be distanced 6 feet apart in all directions.  Face shields will be added to face masks when singing indoors.

- classes held outdoors when possible.

- teachers at no-contact.

- high touch areas of the studio to be disinfected prior to student's arrival.

- student's temperature to be taken upon arrival, and checked for symptoms of illness.

- no one testing positive for COVID-19 or showing any symptom of illness will be admitted on the premises.

- students will not share items.

- students will wear a face mask when entering the building, as well as in class and  when moving between classes.

- in-person classes to have lowered registration caps, with class rooms limited to 10 students maximum unless held in a large auditorium.

*We will update our practices as needed, always with the safety and best interest of our students, teachers, and their families in mind.  

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at or phone at 859-489-2683.  We will continue to stay safe and healthy as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis.  It is my hope that the scheduled programs will offer maximum inclusion for all students who love the performing arts.  I hope to see you and your student soon. Whether online or in-person - you are valuable to us!

- Miss Mary Joy