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COVID-19 Updates

We are ONLINE with some IN-PERSON offerings this summer at   InnOVATION Arts Academy!

This is the updates and information page for all things related to the COVID-19 outbreak.  It's time for a summer update!  We have been a bit more adventurous this summer, as we slowly try a few in-person classes and limited opportunities.  As of the date I am writing this (July 6th, 2020,) we have held one in-person rehearsal and will host our first in-person dance class tonight.  The studio is equipped with gloves, face shields, face masks, and hand sanitizer.  We have taped out spots to stand in the large studio.  The studio will be disinfected before and after classes, and students will wear masks in and out of the building.  Although we are working out our in-person COVID routine, I became confident that online summer camps was the way to go, as we continue to offer individualized, personal training that acknowledges each child and gives everyone a safe place to learn and to grow.  We are confident that, as our summer program numbers are too low to offer in-person camps, this is a great chance for InnOVATION to meet new students and form dynamic relationships with them online, and to work out our health and safety policies for in-person contact with our year-round and older students, who are coming in for training in shorter intervals (1-3hrs at a time).  July will hold some great adventures and learning experiences for InnOVATION, and I'm sure we will come out of this month wiser and ready to face future challenges, including fall programming.  As always, InnOVATION will continue making musical theatre magic with the help of our supportive teachers, students and parents.  Thank you for believing in our dream to keep long-term training moving forward for our program students, as well as offering opportunities to grow through experiencing the performing arts to the all students in Lexington and surrounding counties.  Whether you join us online, in-person, or a combination of both, I am committed to ensuring your student learns and grows with us while keeping them healthy and safe.

For in-person classes, we are following Governor Andy Beshear's Guidelines for Childcare and Guidelines for Youth Sports to ensure the safety of our students.  Here are some examples of precautions taken when offering in-person classes to students:

- students over age 5 and teachers to wear face shields during classes or to be distanced 6 feet apart in all directions.

- teachers at no-contact or wearing gloves.

- high touch areas of the studio to be disinfected prior to student's arrival.

- student's temperature to be taken upon arrival, and checked for symptoms of illness.

- no one testing positive for COVID-19 or showing any symptom of illness will be admitted on the premises.

- students will not share items.

- students will wear a face mask or face shield into and out of the building, as well as when moving between classes.

- in-person classes to have lowered registration caps.

*We will update our practices as needed, always with the safety and best interest of our students, teachers, and their families in mind.

InnOVATION offers weekly summer dance classes for all levels on Mondays, with an in-person, and online option. Instead of live performances this summer, our student's final projects will be on film, which will allow us to avoid large audiences.  Each program will post a final performance on YouTube that will allow families to enjoy their students' performances for years to come.  We are especially excited about our production of Heathers The Musical: High School Edition, which will include a hybrid of online and in-person rehearsal techniques, and which will be filmed in small groups.  July will also include a dynamic online Voice Academy program with lots of classes and training for singers in 2nd-12th grades, and a fun-filled online morning camp featuring choreographed songs and stories from the hit movie Frozen II.

Summer camps are registering and have room for more kids to join us!  We hope you will join us for *BIG ADVENTURES* in musical theatre this summer!

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at or phone at 859-489-2683.  We will continue to stay safe and healthy as we navigate the new freedoms and opportunities we are afforded this summer.  It is my hope that the programs will offer will offer maximum inclusion for all students who love the performing arts.  I hope to see you and your student soon. Whether online or in-person - you are valuable to us!

- Miss Mary Joy

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