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National Youth Theatre Experience






Select intermediate and advanced students will represent InnOVATION Arts Academy at the National Youth Theatre Experience in Louisville, KY March 1 - 3, 2024, presenting a 20-minute festival performance of Seussical Jr for adjudication by Broadway professionals.  Students who attend NYTE take workshops and get to watch all of the groups who attend NYTE perform their adjudication pieces as well.  Individual students can opt to perform in solo vocal and solo monologue categories for feedback from the adjudicators.  The weekend culminates in a final concert with performances of Broadway professionals on the main stage.  In Check out the NYTE website:


  • $250 Rehearsal Fee (paid in fall 2023)

  • NYTE Wristband fees (see below)  

  • Additional costs: food, hotel, and travel expenses.

March 8-10, 2024 in Louisville, KY

Please contact the office for the rehearsal schedule for NYTE.


  • Intermediate and Advanced students may audition on September 8.  

  • Beginner students who have previously attended NYTE may also audition to participate.

  • Intermediate and beginner students must register and pay a deposit to audition.  (This deposit will be returned if your student is not selected to participate).

  • Students must participate in weekly classes to go to NYTE.  (Exceptions due to learning differences, or other individual challenges may occur at the discretion of the program director.)

  • Students must have participated in Seussical Jr to participate in NYTE. 


*All students attending NYTE must be prepared to be an active team player and to present an ensemble-based story with many moving pieces. The nature of a NYTE performance downplays “lead” characters and emphasizes group storytelling.

*Conflicts must be submitted at the start of rehearsals.  Our rehearsal period is short and intense.  Therefore, only students with minimal or no conflicts will be considered for NYTE 2024. 


$210/student performer wristband fees due in October or November, 2023.

$160/family member wristband fees due in October or November, 2023.  Each student must travel with one parent or guardian.


Families are responsible for food, travel and lodging expenses related to attending NYTE. 

Mandatory Parent Meetings (dates currently TBD)

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