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Junior Theatre Festival


Select students will represent InnOVATION Arts Academy at the Junior Theater Festival (JTF) in Atlanta, Georgia in January 12-14, 2024 presenting a 15-minute festival performance for adjudication by Broadway professionals.  Students who attend JTF also take workshops and watch amazing, professional-level student performances, as well interviews with and performances by Broadway professionals on the main stage.  Check out the JTF website:




  • $250 Rehearsal Fee (included in conservatory registration)

  • Additional costs: food, hotel, and travel expenses.

Please email the office for a complete JTF rehearsal schedule.


Auditions on September 8th, 2023.


*Students must be age 7 or older.

*Students will audition for JTF participation.

*Students must participate in Blue Monarch training programs.  (Exceptions may occur at the discretion of the program director.)


All students attending JTF must be prepared to be an active team player and to present an ensemble-based story with many moving pieces. The nature of a JTF performance downplays “lead” characters and emphasizes group storytelling.

Conflicts must be submitted at the start of rehearsals.  Our rehearsal period is short and intense.  Therefore, only students with minimal or no conflicts will be considered for JTF 2024. 

JTF Fees:

$330/person participant fees (for each student or parent attending the festival) due in early October.

Families are responsible for travel and lodging expenses to attend JTF. (InnOVATION Arts will reserve a block of hotel rooms and all families are required to stay at the JTF hotel this year.)

Mandatory Parent Meetings (dates TBD):

Meeting 1:  JTF Mandatory Parent Meeting.  All Festival Forms and Fees DUE.  No exceptions.  General Information about the festival will be covered.

Meeting 2:  JTF Mandatory Parent Meeting.  Specific Information about the festival will be covered.


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