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Audition Preparation Workshop
Saturday, February 26 


Prepare for your upcoming audition in this introductory workshop with InnOVATION's friendly teaching team.  Learn how to enter, how to stand, how to slate, what to sing, how to make sure your back up track is the right key, or that your sheet music is marked correctly.  Find out what makes for a confident audition and practice your audition material in a safe environment where you can get feedback that will help you prepare.   Students will learn some of the following skills during the workshop:

- How to choose an audition song and prepare for your audition

- How to present yourself and your materials

- Vocal exercises

- Singing and storytelling

- Physical expression

- Reading from a script

- Improvisation and pantomime

Saturday, February 26



*Please bring a memorized audition song to the workshop.  Please bring either sheet music or a backing track you can sing along with.  We know that most songs are longer than 1 minute so choose a portion of the song you want to sing.  Usually a verse and a chorus or a bridge and a chorus is about right.  It should be 1 minute long approximately and should not exceed 1.5 minutes.  Students who do not have a song to sing can opt to sing:  A.  A song learned in Innovation class. OR  B.  A song they know from Mary Poppins.  Students not auditioning for Mary Poppins Jr are also welcome to participate in this workshop.



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