Audition Preparation Workshops
Sunday, October 24th
with additional coaching options

Prepare for your upcoming audition for a performing arts school, such as SCAPA, or school musical. Students will learn some of the following skills during the workshop:

Drama: monologue, improvisation/cold reads, pantomime

Voice: song, pitch matching, rhythm

Friday, October 22nd

5:00pm-7:00pm: 2nd-4th graders  

$50  w/o coaching  $110 Coaching*

*Two 30-minute sessions will be set up for your student in September and October 2021.  Song or monologue can be selected/provided at the coaching session if desired.

Sunday, October 24th

4:00-7:00pm: 5th-11th graders

$60 w/o coaching  $150 Coaching*

*Two 45-minute session will be set up for your student in September and October 2021.  Song or monologue can be selected/provided at the coaching session if desired.




Prepare for your upcoming Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) audition by participating in workshops with professional acting and vocal coaches.  

Students will be asked to select a focus in drama, vocal music, or musical theatre.

Students in drama will prepare a 90-second monologue from a published play with optional special skill (i.e., performing a dialect, singing, dancing, mime, etc.).

Students in vocal music will prepare a 2-4 minute solo song in one of the following styles: an Art Song, Folk Song, Aria, Hymn, or an appropriate selection from the Musical Theatre repertory.

Students in musical theatre will prepare 2 songs and a 60-second monologue from a scripted contemporary play. Songs will be 21-32 bars in length and contrasting (one a ballad and one up-tempo; one before 1970, one 1970 or later).

Students who register for a videotaping session will record their audition material with a professional videographer. The video footage will be cut and uploaded to a usable format by our videographer. The recording will be provided to the student in an electronic file that can be submitted to GSA for the preliminary round.

Workshop Schedule:

Saturday, November 20, 2021, 5:00-8:00pm

Saturday, December 11, 2021, 11:00am-1:00pm

Cost:  $75

Individual videotaping session:

Various times available December 13-16, 2021 and January 4-7, 2022.

Cost:  $75 per 30 minute taping session.

Students registering for workshops must take both workshops.  (Workshops are not offered individually.)  Students are not required to participate in the workshops to register for an individual videotaping session.  Be ready to tape as though for a live audition.  Extremely well-prepared students will be the most successful in the taping session.  An accompanist/coach will be present for each taping.

Private coaching sessions are also available. Please send an email to innovationarts.lex@gmail.com if you are interested in private coaching.

InnOVATION Arts is not affiliated with the KY Governor's School for the Arts.  This is an audition preparation workshop.

GSA Audition Masterclasses and Preliminary Round Tapings